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"Welcome To My E-TradeWell Super Centre!
Hello Hello and Hope you guys Have Good Feeling Today! Here , I use to Deal and Sell all goods from ASIA - Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and so on, whereas you MIGHT have an interest to find! And You guys can also tell me WHAT Things that you try to FIND and I will Get it for YOU! So take this and Grab the OPPORTUNITY ! (hehe : except illegal things ya!)"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Back ... such a long long TIME!

Welcome back guys! Very sorry for the "un-updating" so long! hehe, dont ask me why..:-p...and again, i'm not here today to paste any recipes.. just pass by and put this very amazing experienced photo with my new student in the past 3 days... and i will update all my very truly recipes by next two days... ok happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News for Coins Collector!

All the Coins is From Republic of Ireland :

                         Year: 1909 - C01 Bid Start at RM 30.00

                          Year: 1944 - C02 Bid Start at RM 10.00

                          Year: Unknown - C03 Bid Start at RM 20.00

                          Year: 1942 - C04 Bid Start at RM 20.00

                           Year: 1928 - C05 Bid Start at RM 25.00

                           Year: 1902 - C06 Bid Start at RM 30.00

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just for Postage Stamp Collector!

S01-Bid Start at RM 1.00

S02-Bid Start at RM 1.00

S03-Bid Start at RM 1.50

S05-Bid Start at RM 0.60
S04-Bid Start at RM 0.90

S06-Bid Start at RM 1.80
S07-Bid Start at RM 0.70
S08 - Bid start at RM 1.00

S09 and Down S10 - Price - Bid - Start RM 1.00

S11 - Price- Bid Start at RM 0.80

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Arabian Copper Bowl

Year 1958
Type of sales : Bidding
Bidding start from : RM 100.00
(Pls list your bidding on comment or trough email. Thank you.
Please do not hesitate to ask me trough email. Tq.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today at 1.30pm - Best items To Sell!

Please be inform that today is time for you to see items that you might never see!
So !! keep on eyeees!!! And get ready! See, Like and Take it!